Eren İleri

Eren İleri
lives and works in Vienna

(born 1988 in Istanbul/Turkey) is an artist, working with photography, found footage, sound and artist books. His work explores the construction of power, the absence of the body in contemporary landscape and late-capitalist semiotics, sci-fi aesthetics and architecture, re-appropriation and ownership in times of derivative work mass-production.
In 2012 he co-founded the artist collective,YxS KOOP, consisting of artists, architects, musicians and designers. Active between 2012 and 2014 they organized and participated in public interventions, events and exhibitions in Istanbul, Berlin, Vienna and Sinop.

Selected Exhibition & Projects:
2017: ISHYGDDT with İpek Burçak - KMMN, Kassel
2017: The Racing Driver And His Double - Solo Show - Mixer, İstanbul
2016: Sound & Buch: Akustisches Denken in der Kunst - 21er Haus, Vienna
2014: SINOPALE - YxS KOOP Starship Hippodrome - International Sinop Biennial, Turkey.
2013: The Libidinal Net in Contemporary Photography - Heit Berlin
2013: YxS KOOP - workshop / collective studio project and intervention - Istanbul
2011: An Ode To Urban Transformation - artist book
2010: Five Directions of Photography Through Photography - BROTkunsthalle - Vienna

2008-2016: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna - Class for Art & Photography - Martin Guttmann, Matthias Herrmann
2012-2013: University of Arts Berlin - Contemporary Photography - Josephine Pryde

Fundings & Prizes:
2016: Bundeskanzleramt Österreich – Sektion II Kunst und Kultur - Project funding for “The Racing Driver and His Double”

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